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We take great pride in providing our patients with high-quality care using the most advanced technologies available.  We believe our precise combination of knowledge, skill and revolutionary technologies enables us to deliver optimum results for each patient.

Digital X-rays

We are proud to utilize high-resolution digital radiographs (x-rays) to capture detailed images of your teeth, jaws and bite.  We use computer software to generate sharp, accurate images of your mouth and it’s significantly faster than traditional x-rays.  Digital x-rays are more environmentally friendly and they are much safer for patients than traditional x-rays, reducing radiation exposure to an estimated 90 percent.  Our x-ray machine is safe, comfortable, quiet and painless.

Digital Intraoral Scanner

Our iTero Element intraoral scanner is used to make digital images of your teeth. These are not x-rays.  They are radiation-free scans that replace the uncomfortable, unpleasant-tasting, messy traditional impressions or molds.  They are significantly more accurate and produce much better fitting appliances.

Using the digital scanner, we will take 3D images of your teeth and bite.  These scans are then electronically sent to our orthodontic lab where they will custom-fabricate your needed orthodontic appliances, such as retainers and palate expanders.  We also use our scanner to create Invisalign aligners.  

Also, our doctors use the scan to virtually move your teeth and jaws to help diagnose and treatment plan complex cases, such as jaw surgery and other surgical procedures.  We can use these scans to communicate with other dental professionals to formulate proper treatment plans.

We can also use these scans to visually show our patients our pre-treatment orthodontic problems and discuss treatment options.  Our progress scans help us keep patient and parents up-to-date on treatment progress. 

Paperless Charting

Our office uses an electronic paperless patient and treatment charting.  This system boasts many advantages over traditional paper-based charting.  Appointments are faster and with shorter wait times.  Additionally, sensitive patient health and financial information is encrypted in our cloud-based management software, thus more secure and private.  Transferring and sharing important patient information with other medical and dental offices is also quicker and more efficient.  Plus, all-digital paperless charting is friendlier to the environment, minimizes paper waste and keeps a clean office environment.  Paperless charting is just one more example of how our office is dedicated to using the latest technology to make your appointments as safe and efficient as possible.

Smartphone App

With the communication needs of our practice growing more complex, we want to provide efficient ways to stay better connected with our patients.  We are excited to offer a convenient smartphone app for iPhone and Android devices, branded and customized for our office.  

Through this app, patients and parents have 24/7 secure access to their appointment and financial information.  For current patients, it provides the ability to e-mail or text our office, check-in remotely for appointments, view patient's photographs and x-rays, check the date/time of your next appointment and make payments on your account.  For new or prospective patients, the app gives detailed information about our office policies, defines our mission statement, contains doctors and staff profiles, answers frequently asked questions, provides map and directions to our office and the ability to send us an email requesting an appointment.

The app is free to download from the Apple Store and Google Play.  Just search "pezza orthodontics."

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